Photograph of Gail Minsky

At the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

Gail Minsky: Guestbook

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Thanks to everybody who visited and helped us create this moving tribute to Gail Minsky.


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    16th January 2006 - 04:04:15 PM    
34 : Victor Vesnaver (victor at
Words always seem inadequate at times like these. Gail and I met when we were both in the MPS program. Our contact over the last 20+ years has been sporadic but it was always great seeing her when our paths crossed. Her warm and friendly personality will be missed by all that knew her. My deepest condolences to her family.

    16th January 2006 - 03:40:17 PM    
33 : Michael Schiff (michael.schiff at
I am so sorry to learn of Gail's passing. I regret not getting the chance to get to know Gail. We met this past November in NY at the CHS National Chapter meeting and I immediately felt comfortable in her presence. I am so sorry for her passing. The CHS lost a truly dedicated constituent.

    16th January 2006 - 03:18:35 PM    
32 : Jim Klas (jklas at
I am very sorry to hear of Gail's accident. We were a fairly small and close knit group in the MPS program back in the early 80's. Although we have scattered far and wide over the years, I always enjoyed keeping track of Gail and my other classmates in the Bulletin. Please accept my deepest condolences on her untimely passing.

Jim Klas

MPS 84

    16th January 2006 - 03:11:39 PM    
31 : Phil Miller (pm20 at
My thoughts are with Gary, Chip, and the rest of Gail's family. I was lucky enough to have known Gail since we were both in School in 1981, and to have worked with her very closely in the Cornell Hotel Society for 12 years. I suspect she may have been the longest-serving Regional VIce President in that organization's history. She was a good and kind person who touched so very many Cornell alumni of all ages, and it was her absolute pleasure to do so. Many, many of us will miss her greatly.

    16th January 2006 - 02:19:32 PM    
30 : Forrest Gee (fgee at
I have always been such a big fan of Gail, her warm heart, her welcoming nature. It is such a big loss for not only CHS, but but also for me personally. My thoughts and prayers are with Gary, her family and the many who loved Gail.

    16th January 2006 - 02:18:10 PM    
29 : Ron Watanabe (rwat5595 at
To Gary Minsky and Family,

During my tenure as president of the Hawaii Chapter of the Cornell Hotel Society Gail was a constant source of encouragement to me. We will miss her in Hawaii.

God bless all of you in your loss and know that Gail is remembered by the many people she has touched in her life.

Aloha Gail.

Ron Watanabe '69

    16th January 2006 - 01:43:08 PM    
28 : Betsy MacDonald '78 (bmacdonald at
My sincerest condolences to Gary and the family. I met Gail and Gary through the CHS Society in Western Canada. They were always cheerful and outgoing, and supportive of a very small chapter's efforts. She will be missed.

    16th January 2006 - 01:37:27 PM    
27 : Bill & Phyllis Eaton (weaton at
To Gary and all the family. Your loss is a loss to everyone who ever came in contact with Gail. Just a week ago at the Cornell Holiday Dinner in Washington the subject of conversation was how much fun is was going to be with Gail as President of the Cornell Hotel Society in two years. She brought life and spirited fun to every organization and every meeting. She will be sorely missed by everyone. We send our love to you all in this very difficult time, but rest assured, Gail will never be forgotten by any who had the luck to know her.

    16th January 2006 - 01:25:58 PM    
26 : Kane Rufe (rkrufe at
I first met Gail in San Francisco in 1990 at events Cornellian when I resided there. Since my retirement in Las Vegas,we had occasion to meet at Cornell Hotel School-related affairs. Gail's great dedication to CHS was widely appreciated not only in the Bay Area but in the entire Southwest Region. She will be sorely missed and widely remembered for her contribution to Cornell .

    16th January 2006 - 01:25:45 PM    
25 : Elana Feinsmith (eba4 at
I am so shocked to hear of the untimely death of Gail. I didn't know her well, but I appreciated her efforts creating community with the Cornell Hotel Alumni in Northern California. She will be missed. My condolences. May her memory be a blessing!

    16th January 2006 - 01:23:13 PM    
24 : Sherry Levine (srlevine40 at
Margot and family, I was so sorry to hear of the tragic passing of your beloved mother.May her memory be for a blessing. May you all be comforted by the memories of the wonderful times you had with her.

Sherry Levine

    16th January 2006 - 01:18:09 PM    
23 : Carrie Carnright (carnrightc at
I met Gail through the CHS Northern California chapter in 1999. I was living in the Bay Area from 1999-2002. I will always remember her as being fun, friendly and willing to give great advice when I needed it. I will miss her.

    16th January 2006 - 01:16:55 PM    
22 : charles staadecker (info at
I had the pleasure of dining with Gail and Gary recently in Seattle. The luncheon was a hoot, with Gary ordering bloody marys and Gail reciting into her hand held microphone the minutia of good/poor food, service, and restaurant decor that only a Cornell Hotelie could appreciate.

It was a meal I won't forget!

May our memories make our loss a liitle less painful.

Charlie Staadecker '71

    16th January 2006 - 01:16:21 PM    
21 : Armand Iaia (aiaia at
To Gail's family, Please accept my deepest condolances and sympathy. I met Gail at Cornell when we were both in grad school. She was tireless, funny, witty and an all round great person. I will miss her cheery greeting when we had the chance to catch up.

Armand iaia

    16th January 2006 - 01:13:28 PM    
20 : Carolyn Troiano MPS'84 (Tajico at
Gail and I were classmates at Cornell, and although we had lost touch in recent years, I enjoyed reading about her in the Hotel School Bulletin. We hung out at her apartment in grad school, eating good food, drinking wine, and talking and laughing and talking and laughing more. She talked about (bragged about) Margot and Chip all the time. She loved you both so very much. I am so very sorry - we have all lost a very fine woman.

    16th January 2006 - 01:05:18 PM    
19 : Michael '66 & Shirley Chiu, & Jennie C. Chiu '91 (mwnchiu at
Our deepest condolences to Gary and the entire family on your bereavement. The loss of a loved one is never timely, and we join you, your children and relatives and friends in our fondest memories of Gail's love for The Hotel School and her involvement with and on behalf of the Cornell Hotel Society.

    16th January 2006 - 11:28:58 AM    
18 : Maury's Kung Fu (sifu at
Our hearts and thoughts are with you and your family, Margo.

Take care,

Your Kung Fu Family

    16th January 2006 - 11:10:48 AM    
17 : Richard and Barbara Gilman (ragilman15 at
We were saddened to learn of Gail's death. Our thoughts and prayers are with her, her family and friends.

    16th January 2006 - 10:26:52 AM    
16 : Natalie Dean
I have writtten a Remembrance of Gail but I want to post here my sincere condolences to Gary, Chip, Margot, Herb Hodos, grandchildren, nieces and nephews and her extended family. Her life came to an abrupt ending, but while she lived, her life was an aadventure and she was always planning for her next travel excursion. Gail, if you have that recording device around your neck, listen to the outpourings of love that are being voiced. May they give you comfort.

    15th January 2006 - 10:26:06 PM    
15 : Louis and Laurie Kimball (louisk at
We are so shocked and saddened by the news of Gail's passing. We so enjoyed getting together with Gail and Gary since we've lived here in the San Francisco area, and we were thrilled that they came to Arizona to attend our wedding in 2002.

We had such a good time at Pluto's recently when we all got together for dinner, and Gail was so nice to come by the house to visit Laurie and our kids when Jordan was born. The Chanukah book that she and Gary bought for Sammy was one of his favorites this holiday season, and we read it to him several times.

Please know how much Gail is in our thoughts and prayers and we are here if there is anything we can do for you.

Louis and Laurie Kimball

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