Photograph of Gail Minsky

At the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

Gail Minsky: Guestbook

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Thanks to everybody who visited and helped us create this moving tribute to Gail Minsky.


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    03rd February 2006 - 11:15:21 PM    
94 : Kathryn Petro Harper (kathryn at
I learned this sad news upon visiting Chip's weblog. I'm so very sorry. The photo album and remembrances are a loving tribute to the life of a vibrant woman I would have enjoyed meeting. I hold you in my heart and meditations.

    02nd February 2006 - 07:14:55 PM    
93 : lora warren (lwarren1962 at
my sincere thoughts are with your family. i got this message because Gail Minsky was a field agent for the company i work with. i will have all the family in prayer for strenght in time of sorrow.

    31st January 2006 - 10:21:30 PM    
92 : Michael Maranda (mmaranda at
My deepest condolences.

    31st January 2006 - 01:19:47 PM    
91 : John & Dana Marshall (innmarin at
Dear Gary, Chip, Margot and family,

Our sincere sympathy to you all as you deal with this tragic loss. We were lucky to have known Gail over the years through the Cornell connection. She was truly a fabulous woman with a very giving spirit. We will miss her dearly.

John & Dana Marshall

    30th January 2006 - 04:23:05 PM    
90 : Sara Jane Moss & Chick Chickering (sjmoss at
We were very saddened to hear of Gail's sudden accident and death from our across the street neighbors Herb and Janet Hodos. The loss of his sister, your mother touched us both. The photo of her At The Japanese Tea Garden looks so much like someome we would have wished to have met and known. As we know and value Herb is is no far reach.

We are sending a gift in Gail's memory, not certain if it should most properly be sent to the east or west coast cancer programs...but one or the other

Please know that we send you heartfelt sympathy. Had it not been for injuries/medical problems in our own lives & extended family , we would have responded sooner.

With condolences from Chick & Sara Jane...and we will stay in touch by phone/in person/by food with Herb& Janet

    29th January 2006 - 03:31:07 PM    
89 : David & Susan Levi (DHLevi at
To: Gary, Margot and all other family of Gail:

As the brother of Gail's lifelong friend Sylvia Gordon, I remember, as a youngster, going for the ride from Newton to Somerville as my mother drove Sylvia to spend an occasional weekend with Gail. I remember the excitement of the new found freedom of more frequent visits once Sylvia and Gail got their drivers licenses and were able to see each other more often. When my wife and I visited Gail and Gary in San Francisco, we were made to feel most welcomed by both, as well as entertained as if we were the only people in the world.

Gary: Sue and I will never forget the day spent with both of you sightseeing, eating, having fun and most of all your pride as you showed us your "grape vine" in the vineyard in which you had "invested"

Margot: Your mom was a very special person as I knew her and as the Guestbook attests. It was very touching to have seen you not too long ago at my mother's funeral, and for that I say "Thank You".

To Gary, Margot and the entire family: I can only repeat what I told Sylvia when informed of Gail's death. She will be missed dearly! Our sincerest condolences to all of you.

David & Susan Levi, Sarasota, FL

    27th January 2006 - 05:03:31 PM    
88 : marianne montgomery (willywlm at
We live in the same county and never met but our common denominator was that we were female HOTELIES. Through our quarterly Hotel bulletin we became connected perhaps in spirit. She was so We have lost another love to all Marianne Merkling Montgomery class of '73

    27th January 2006 - 02:32:31 PM    
87 : Jerry and Rita Winer (psjerry at
Through Janet and Herb, the Hodos Family has always had a special place in our hearts. We visited with Gail some years back in Oakland, and share with you your great loss. This website preserves many of the happy times and memories which will always be with you.

    25th January 2006 - 07:05:49 PM    
86 : Helen & David Rivelis (rivelis at
Sorry that we never got to know you. We know that we would have been good friends.

    24th January 2006 - 03:08:09 PM    
85 : Shachar and Oryah (Gail's great niece and nephew)
Dear Saba Herb, Margot and Chip,

We're sorry that you lost your sister and your mother. We feel very sad (Oryah feels superdeduper sad). These are things we remember about Auntie Gail. Oryah: 'She's a good food artist. Auntie Gail got me Connectix and I love them.' Shachar, 'She understands people. I remember when she took me to downtown Santa Monica. It was fun being with her. The Farmer's market was fun, too.' We hope that you have good memories, and they help you feel better.

    23rd January 2006 - 11:14:38 PM    
84 : Elena Carranza (elenacarranza at
Dear Gail,

Wherever you are, may peace be with you. The short time we shared in Cornell and later in a visit to San Francisco and later in a CHS meeting in Philadelphia, were enough to feel your warmth and care. I am so sorry to know you are no longer with us.

Elena Carranza MPS 85, Cornell Hotel Alumny

Mexico City

    22nd January 2006 - 02:36:29 PM    
83 : Tim and Karen Dick
Dear family and friends -

We will so miss Gail. She was a tremendous person whom we all came to know and love. We are deeply saddened by the tragic event and want the family to know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Deepest Sympathy - Tim and Karen Dick

    21st January 2006 - 10:28:34 AM    
82 : Anita Ryan (globetripper at
I was shocked and saddened to learn of the accident. Even though I have not seen Gail in many years Mark and I will not forget she made the trip all the way to Dallas for our wedding. That was a totally kind and unexpected gesture. Unfortunately,even though Gail and I are first cousins life gets in the way of staying in touch as much as we should. I shall forever remember her kind heart and independent spirit.

    21st January 2006 - 06:43:10 AM    
81 : Albert Yu (alyu76 at
My prayers are with Gail. I would always see Gail at alumni events, and she would always be seen in service and was always there to lend a helping hand. I was always comfortable with sharing with Gail my current situation and stresses in life and she would always make me feel better. God bless

    20th January 2006 - 07:16:48 PM    
80 : Jon and Janie Kimball (Jon.Kimball at
Our warmest thoughts and condolences are with Gary and the entire Rosenthal family. We enjoyed many wonderful occasions with Gail and Gary through the years ever since we graduated with Gail from Cornell in 1984. I always appreciated Gail's energy, compassion, commitment and ability to take on every new project. Her decision to pursue a second career and attend Cornell in the early 80's has inspired me to focus on one's dreams and goals in life. Gail always welcomed me and my entire family everytime we connected, whether it be in San Francisco or elsewhere around the country. Most recently we enjoyed an exquisite meal in her home with my children which I will always remember and cherish.

The news of Gail's passing is terribly sad for us all -- but please know that she will be remembered always. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Jon and Janie Kimball

    20th January 2006 - 02:12:34 PM    
79 : Michael Handlery '74 (mhandlery1 at
A fantastic woman who will be sorely missed by so many. Her dedication to life, and particularly to Cornell will never be forgotten. My sympathy to her family who she loved so much. Live the rest of your lives with only the great memories of a truly remarkable woman.

    20th January 2006 - 01:52:27 PM    
78 : Joel Bragen (joelbragen at
Good humored, warm, friendly, energetic and easygoing are the things I remember about your Mom, Margot and Chip. Our paths crossed of course in Andover in the mid '70s, again in the early '80s at Cornell (to my total shock and surprise as I recall), and by good fortune again, just briefly, last Nov 14th at the CHS reception following the NY Hotel Show. We had a chance to chat, do a bit of catching up from twenty+ (!) years, trade contact information and then cheerfully part company - fully assuming our paths would cross again down the road. It was really great to see her after all those years and to hear about how well you two were doing. Gail will be greatly missed, but her legacy and character will be carried forward through the two of you, as your families thrive and grow.

    20th January 2006 - 01:02:58 PM    
77 : Dan Webster '84 (dan at
My deepest sympathies to you all. I didn't keep in touch with Gail after graduation, but she was obviously an asset to the Hotel Society, the school and the community. I'm sure it warms your hearts to read all the nice things her friends have shared here. I lost my father (Hotel '64) suddenly in a private plane crash this past August, so I understand the feelings you all are going through. My head is still spinning almost six months later. Fortunately, we have our memories, which will always be of a life well lived. Hang tough, and remember.

    20th January 2006 - 11:44:01 AM    
76 : David Mc Cabe (djmccabe at
The Mc Cabe family sends our heartfelt sorrow to Gail's family for your loss. Our prayers are with you.

David & Tammy Mc Cabe

7606 Huckleberry Way SE

Snoqualmie, WA 98065


    20th January 2006 - 07:44:26 AM    
75 : Kurt M. Penney (aok918 at
It is with the deepest sympathy that I send this e-mail. Our thoughts are with you at this time. May the joyus celebration of your Mom's life live within you and your family forever.

Kurt and Andrea Penney

39 Camrock Drive

Rockport, ME 04856


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